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until it's hollow); A stationary flame source (a butane torch works best, but you can use a candle, lighter, etc.); The THC oil in the eye-dropper bottle.  

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What are the Effects of Hashish or Hash?

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The active ingredient in hashish is THC, exactly as for marijuana, so the effects of hash are much the same as for cannabis, they are just more potent. As the duration of THC effects are dose dependent, you are likely to experience longer-lasting results from hashish than from uncompressed marijuana. The effects of a typical non-hash joint last around two to three hours.

Usual effects of hash are feelings of well-being accompanied by some altered perception especially perception of distance and time. The well-being and elation phase typically lasts a maximum of thirty minutes or so but can be as short-lived as ten minutes. Effects on balance, co-ordination, speech, and thought processes will last for two to three hours


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